About us

Welcome to TopShelf American bulldogs. We are located in Tucson, AZ. having fun with our bulldogs and raising TopShelf, top quality, healthy, American bulldogs. I picked up my first American Bulldog circa 1997. I had been looking for a great family dog that the whole family could enjoy. I had owned Rottweilers and a German Shepherd before but they tended to be a one owner, one master dog. I saw several ads in a Dog World magazine about the American bulldog. Their brute size and bully head type really impressed me. After doing much research about the American bulldog breed and discovering that they where a great family dog, I took a step forward and purchased my first American bulldog and have never looked back.

My first American bulldog “Sam” was from Sure-Grip lines and was a huge boy. He was the real deal, great prey drive, would play for hours, but was also very protective of our family, and most importantly was gentle and loved my kids. This was the type of dog I had been looking for all my life.

As the years passed, I’ve tried to improve upon the type of bulldog I have on my yard. With the experience gained, I started leaning towards the bigger, bullier, heavier boned Johnson type dog. We have acquired some of the finest bloodlines in the breed and are very proud to own only the highest quality American bulldogs.

We don’t produce litters very often, but if you ever purchase a pup from us you are guaranteed you will get a pup whose breeding was well thought out.

So, I hope you enjoy this site. Take a look around at the picture galleries of the bulldogs we have owned, produced, and have on our yard right now, and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email at Martin@topshelfamericanbulldogs.com .